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Tam Capital for Petroleum Services was established as an independent company, active in Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream sectors, with significant integrated business units.

Tam Capital operates through ourStrategic Business Units – Petrochemicals services and we are the best standalone organization in petrochemical services. We support customers by identifying and developing opportunities in key end markets in all sorts of petrochemical services in Kuwait.


Innovative & New Technology Development

In the research of technology updates, upstream, as well as downstream, Oil & Gas industry has always been seeking out external innovations even in the field of informatic technologies and robotics.


Specialized Manpower Solutions

Tam Capital has the ability to provide manpower support within the Oil sector and that is not limited to the following Specialties: Admin Staff, Well Services (Wireline, Slickline, Well Testing, Coiled Tubing, Artificial Lift, etc.), Drilling Services, Rig-Up & RigLess Crews, Specialized Engineers & Technicians, Overseas & Local Consultants, Seismic & Exploration Services, etc.
Tam Capital is familiar to the Kuwait Labor Law in terms of recruiting and hiring whatever manpower either locally or overseas; therefore, all the process will be done in a tidy and tiny manner.


Drilling and Completion Fluids Solutions

Tam Capital consolidates its experience in the drilling fluids market, based principally on drilling fluids systems and additives that increase efficiency, reduce costs and minimize the negative impact on the environment. The drilling fluid portfolio includes the water-based systems; mineral oil-based systems; emulsified systems; aired systems; and the innovative “Drill In” systems, designed with totally degradable polymers, with which productive areas can be drilled, especially in horizontal wells, minimizing the damage to the formation. In addition, it has the capacity to offer an extensive variety of densificated or non-densificated completion fluids, created in line with the petrophysical properties of the site, to which the adequate inhibitor is incorporated for the purpose of preventing the corrosion of the equipment at the bottom of the well and on the surface.

Our Products

Vision & Mission

To become a diversified reliable, eco-friendly and prosperous Oil & Gas Service Provider in the region.  Our continuous effort is to infuse unique innovative technologies and implement them at all levels of the organization to achieve success and productivity.

Our mission is to create value by providing support to customer’s operations:

  • Increase oil and gas reserves through successful exploration.
  • Having a forward-thinking mindset, at the same time promoting innovative culture and attitude.
  • Produce and manage optimally oil and gas fields with opportunities and strategies.
  • Contribute to the development of the human capital of our customers by effective training on the job and technology sharing programs.

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