Well Testing

Well Testing

Tam Capital can provide complete surface production testing services for virtually any type of well testing application, including remote testing/fluid storage and shipping set-ups, early production facility, and in-line testing programs. We also offer a technically-advanced mobile 2-phase & 3-phase test separator, multi-phase flow metering package; fully self-contained, trailer-mounted, and equipped with electronic micro-process control and data acquisition capability.

Tam Capital provides a custom–built package including equipment and crew for mobile well testing using a multiphase flow meter to cover all the production wells. The generated accurate and timely real-time well test data integrated with downhole Pressure & Temperature data serve the client’s need for reservoir monitoring, well management, and production optimization.

Well testing service

Tam Capital can also provide high-quality electronic data acquisition capability with any of our well-testing packages. 

Our highly trained and experienced well test operators can safely and effectively operate in all testing situations, including high-risk environments such as high temperature, high pressure, and high concentrations of H2S.

In addition, we can provide complete deliverability analysis services including program design recommendations upon client reques