Chairman’s Message


President's Message

Mohammad Al Qallaf

Our new website shall give you an insight into our company’s functionality and shall detail who we are and how we operate.

Our vision is to be a company that is connected globally, excelling locally.

The key X factors to our success are the drive, motivation, and commitment to deliver without compromising the principles of sustainability, compliance, and ethical conduct. The company has adopted the highest professional and ethical standards in all its operations and services and has gained high trust and a good reputation from all its customers, by providing innovative solutions and distinguished services. The ability to secure the market opportunities and most of all an experience you can trust enabled us to remain at the forefront as one of the integrated oil and gas service providers in the growing global market.

However, success is achieved not all of a sudden the journey started long back with a clear vision & mission with years of planning and strategy. We strongly believe in collaboration and our long-standing relationships, our success thus far is due to the hard work and commitment of our passionate team of employees, partners, dealers, and suppliers.

Our assets, business infrastructure, and human capital integrate to provide an impetus for continued growth. The efficiency, reliability sharing of best business practices, and thrust on development among the departments make an immense difference and are unique in our work ethos.

We shall continue the strategy of expanding and working together in domestic and regional markets, enabling investment and sharing knowledge. Also shall continue to maintain good ties with esteemed agencies and organizations.

We shall keep up the pace with the latest innovative technology and transform the conventional methods to give our customers the best results and thereby contribute to the development of the industry and nation.

I would like to thank you for visiting our website and invite you to connect with us to make a paradigm shift in our growth.